Concept description

Platform features:

Filter candidates of the incoming election

With the help of the platform  filters you can identify one or more candidates whose profile corresponds to the requirements you have according to your economic-socio-political preferences as well as certain performance criteria based on past official actions and other details that sum up the profile of a politician or of a political party. 
Searches are simplified by smart filters. These smart filters provide a diverse range of options to display only relevant information about candidates based on your selected search criteria.

Filter platform articles by different topics and timeframes

The platform represents a viable source of information for specialists, journalists, political analysts, but also for ordinary people who follow with interest the positioning, activity and action of political actors. 
With the help of the FACTUM platform, you can easily follow the profiles of politicians and parties, as well as their history, filtering the information according to your topics of interest.

At the core of the information provided are verified articles that are entered into the platform through a strict methodology designed to provide a safe and unbiased source of information.

* * * What are the aspects of the applied methodology that confer and confirm the veracity and impartiality of the information?
* Reliable sources


The source url for the cited article is from a verified and pre-approved list. Only the following qualify as sources on this list:

- official websites of state institutions;

- the official pages of political actors - these will be used in the platform only to quote political statements (opinions, positions), not to follow the concrete actions of the political position they occupy;

- partner sites that respect the criteria imposed regarding transparency and that prove the authenticity of the information by citing and clearly presenting the source.

* The identity of posting users is verified

Articles can be published or verified by any user, provided that their identity is verified. For a good understanding of the terms and conditions imposed by the use of the platform, users are recommended to study in advance the guide whose link is sent by e-mail together with the confirmation of registration in the platform.

Drastic sanctions are applied for users who do not respect the regulation and the internal policy that regulates the activity on the platform.

* Article verification system

A list of clear and strict rules impose a standard on articles from the drafting stage, prior to pre-publication checks.

In order to support users who write articles, but also to ensure total transparency, impartiality and credibility, the working protocol in the platform is based on simple and efficient procedures for verifying the article before publication, as well as for making reports in relation to checking the articles that have been published. 
Reports related to veracity or non-compliance with the terms of publication enter a transparent process of analysis carried out by people within FACTUM.

Checks are done in a transparent "peer review" system for each article until it is published.
All users have unreserved access to information related to the history of an article's versions - any reports, their resolution, as well as changes to the articles being available for public analysis by those interested.